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Alex Automatic #1 PDF Download

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48 pages, full colour comic PDF download.
Alex Automatic is about a Government agent called Alex Anderson. Subjected to an experimental programme, Alex has knowledge and even skills grafted into his brain for specific missions. He is the perfect agent, docile, efficient, re-writable. However, the process has left Alex so unstable that he has become trapped in a fractured delusion, believing that he is a robot super-spy hero from a 70s TV show called Alex Automatic. Extremely volatile and dangerous, he is held in stasis in a secure Government facility. However, two well-meaning journalists find out about him and break him out, thinking they're getting a great story and doing him a favour. They soon realise they have no idea what they've unleashed.

By Fraser Campbell, James Corcoran, David B. Cooper & Colin Bell. Variant Covers by Iain Laurie (sold out) Alastair Wood & Nick Pittara.

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