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Sleeping Dogs PDF Download

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28 page comic, full colour. Written by Fraser Campbell, art by Lautaro Capristo, colours by David B. Cooper, Lettering & Design by Colin Bell

Mal Gillis is an ageing former bad boy, struggling to make ends meet after turning his back on a life of violence and petty crime. He makes a living handing out flyers for a comic book store dressed as an off-brand superhero. He keeps his spirits up helping vulnerable people living in the high rise tower block that has been his home and patch all his life. He brings shopping to the elderly, makes sure the addicts are eating. Babysits for people on shift-work. He is trying to be good.
But when Mal arrives home one night to find his son has been murdered by a nigh-untouchable local villain, he realises there is no hope of justice. Unless he gets it himself.

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